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Class Action Defense

Getting results through effective leadership in class action defense

JMBM has more than three decades of experience defending clients in class actions, a history that helps us create both successful class action defense strategies and economies of scale for our clients. Members of our group have defended numerous class actions, including consumer class actions, actions against financial institutions, retailers and automotive companies, and actions in which our clients have been accused of violating labor and employment laws. We are skilled at defending unfair competition and false advertising class claims brought under California Business & Professions Code Sections 17200 and 17500.

JMBM can efficiently staff and try a wide range of cases, with senior litigators handling both strategy and courtroom presentation, and often resolving disputes before trial. For example, we represented an international financial institution in a class action brought by investors in a foreign exchange trading investment program. The case settled while the motion for class certification and our motion for summary judgment were still pending.

Successful defense strategy

When we represent clients in class actions, our lawyers assess the merits of the case quickly and aggressively attack it.

At the same time, JMBM is always prepared to negotiate a settlement if that is in the client's best interest. We have defended class actions that involved millions of electronic documents and we are able to effectively handle these huge discovery projects.

At trial, we are fully capable of dealing with the most complex scientific, technical and multi-jurisdictional issues and work to resolve the matter in the way that works best for our client. We present a knowledgeable, yet practical defense that makes your position understandable against plaintiffs’ emotional appeals directed at “deep pocket” defendants. In addition to our knowledge of the procedural issues that are specific to class actions, we draw on JMBM's extensive expertise in the underlying substantive areas of law.

Integrated appellate skills

JMBM class action litigators are fully integrated members of a highly respected litigation team that includes appellate representation. In addition to all California state and federal courts -- and the U.S. Supreme Court -- JMBM attorneys are admitted to practice in numerous jurisdictions outside of California and we have handled appeals in many state and federal courts.

Throughout the class action litigation, our lawyers apply the highest quality writing and oral advocacy skills to represent our clients. By pursuing an effective motion practice at trial, we can often lay the groundwork for successful results on appeal. As part of this effort, we consider the appellate issues and ensure that they are preserved. We also understand when to pursue interlocutory appellate review, and are skilled at securing writs that support our client's position.