Summer Associates

The JMBM Summer Associate Experience

Our summer program provides a unique experience for law students to learn firsthand what makes JMBM a great place for lawyers and clients. We hire a small number of law students from top law schools across the country to take part in our program in our Los Angeles office.  Our summer associates are provided opportunities for real participation in the high-quality legal work our Firm does every day.  Our program is designed to provide the foundation for a long and successful career at JMBM.

We are looking for summer associates who are eager to take on responsibility and can handle it.  Summer associates work directly with Partners to provide legal solutions to the Firm's ongoing matters – an experience similar to that of a first-year associate. Summer associates are provided feedback on their assignments so as to encourage problem solving, independent thinking, and pride in their work product.  We also provide summer associates with a variety of training opportunities in several practice areas.  Each summer associate is paired with a mentor to provide guidance throughout the summer and beyond.

Our program provides several opportunities throughout the summer to have fun and get to know our lawyers on an informal basis. Some of our past events have included cooking classes with one of LA's premier chefs, lunches with the Laker's General Counsel and local judges, cultural events, baseball games, trivia night, and wine tastings.

Why Summer Associates Choose JMBM

"My summer at JMBM has been a fantastic and rewarding experience.  Having spoken to friends about their summers in some larger law firms, two things make my time at JMBM stand out from theirs.  First, all of my assignments are real, meaningful tasks done for sophisticated clients, not make-work research memos.  Second, JMBM’s size fosters a uniquely collegial environment.  Partners and associates welcomed me into their offices and even their homes.  It is easy to see why many attorneys choose to spend their entire careers at JMBM, and it is certainly where I want to start my own." 2014 Summer Associate from USC School of Law      

"The combination of JMBM’s size and caliber is unbeatable, providing a combination of cutting-edge work in an atmosphere that fosters collegiality.  As a summer associate, the experience is unrivaled.  From depositions to Dodgers games, we’ve seen it all.  Often law students are told that the world after law school is bleak, but if this summer is any indication, then this is certainly not the case at JMBM. I have been able to do substantive work and receive feedback from partners as well as senior and junior associates.  Everyone at the Firm is committed to ensuring that I have an experience that is both enjoyable and beneficial.  My skills as a lawyer have improved tremendously." 2014 Summer Associate from Duke University School of Law

"My experience as a summer associate has been enriching and positive. The attorneys at JMBM are exceptionally brilliant, humble, and work together as a team to provide clients with effective legal service. Working in an environment where collaboration is encouraged fosters meaningful relationships between attorneys at the Firm."  2014 Summer Associate, University of California, Berkeley School of Law

How to Apply

Please check our On-Campus Interview Schedule below and sign-up to meet a representative of JMBM at your school. The summer program is offered only in the Los Angeles office. If your campus is not listed below or if you were unable to meet with us while we were on campus, we encourage you to send us your resume, transcript, and a writing sample. Please submit your application to Jill Michelman at

2014 On-Campus Interview Schedule

  • August 4, 2014 – USC
  • August 5, 2014 – On Tour Interview Program with Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern & UVA
  • August 5, 2014 – UC Berkeley
  • August 7, 2014 – UCLA
  • August 28, 2014 – Stanford