JMBM - A Great Place

A great place for clients.

Clients are at the heart of our law firm. We earn their trust and confidence by delivering results and building relationships.

A great place for lawyers.

Our lawyers are skilled, ethical and passionate about the practice of law. As a firm, we strive to maintain a culture of individual responsibility, entrepreneurism and collegiality.

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Mark Adams - A great lawyer Kerry Shapiro - A great lawyer Jim Butler - A great lawyer
Marta Fernandez - A great lawyer Jeff Goldman - A great lawyer Ben Reznik- A great lawyer
Stan Gibson - A great lawyer Luzann Fernandez - A great lawyer Ken Ehrlich - A great lawyer
Bill Capps and Joel Deutsch-  Great lawyers Some of JMBM's Special Assets Team - Great lawyers Craig Levine, Michael Steuch and Rob Steinberg - Great lawyers
Martin Orlick, Dennis White and David Cincotta - Great Lawyers Burton Mitchell - A great lawyer Travis Gemoets and Jon McNutt - Great Lawyers
Seth Weissman - A great lawyer Joel Berman - A great lawyer Gordon Schaller and Scott Harshman - Great lawyers
Bruce Jeffer - A great lawyer